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Our social responsibility initiative is run by artist, Chrisantha Chetty. She ensures that our outreach programme puts the wooden waste offcuts to good use responsibly. The idea is based on wooden blocks being a beneficial toy for children to play with. This is because it promotes creative thinking and the shaping of one’s world without any imposed ideas such as race, gender or class constructs. 

The workshop introduces children to recyling and upcycling methodologies through creating a safe and creative learning environment that focuses on play. Children learn to sand, paint and play with wooden blocks – building their world the way they want to see it.

Tools and wood cutoffs in the park for the Durban Shopfitting and Interiors Outdoor Corporate Social Initiative
Durban Shopfitting and Interiors Corporate Social Initiative
Paint, brushes and other tools for the Durban Shopfitting and Interiors Social Programme

This workshop has been performed in public and private spaces, around South Africa, targeting underprivileged children from various communities and organisations. It is an open source concept developed by the artist and she encourages others to take it and run with it.

Durban Shopfitting and Interiors also donates wooden offcuts to artists, artisans and entrepreneurs working with timber.

Wood Paint and other tools for the Durban Shopfitting and Interiors Social Programme
Tools and paint with wooden waste cutoffs for outeach programme
Wooden waste cutoffs from the Durban Shopfitting and Interiors outreach programme

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