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Our fully equipped factory is located in Durban, South Africa, where we manufacture interiors and furniture of the highest quality. We deliver and install anywhere in the world. Our master craftsmen have travelled for work to many parts of Africa and beyond, crafting and fitting custom designs for homes, hotels, restaurants, casinos and more. As well as a variety of locations in South Africa, Durban Shopfitting & Interiors has completed work in Dubai, Italy, Mozambique, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritius, Namibia, Angola, and Swaziland.

We have a staff compliment of:

Factory Staff
Site Staff
Admin Staff

We have modern equipment to produce shopfitting of the highest quality, which allows us to meet tight deadlines on ‘fast track’ projects.

Training Policy

Workmen are trained in-house.

We employ students from Demorosa Special School & train them so that they can ensure their economic self-reliance.

We offer 6 apprenticeships to our Workmen Annually. This ensures a high level of skills and a constant availability of artisans.

Affirmative Action & Black Empowerment Policy

Factory staff: 85

Members of the Closed Corporation are; Mrs T. Chetty

Durban Shopfitting and Interiors is a 100% 'Previously Disadvantaged' owned company.

Administration Staff: 10

Installation Staff: 25

Durban Shopfitting and Interiors has an intensive training programme for its staff, which has produced some of the finest Shopfitters in the country. Once a candidate has successfully completed the training, they are encouraged to venture on their own as sub-contractors.

A ‘core’ crew of the best of the Durban Shopfitting and Interiors trained artisans is used for installations. Should additional installers be required, the Durban Shopfitting trained sub-contractors are called in.

Durban Shopfitting and Interiors Workmen posing in protective work gear
Qualified Artisans using power drill

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